The Season for Planting Fruit

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The Season for Planting Fruit

Spring may be slow to arrive this year–especially discouraging for many given the early, beautiful spring we’ve enjoyed the last couple of years. That said, it’s not too early to get started with planting fruit trees, berries, and other edibles; in fact, early spring is the best time of year to get them in the ground!

At Vander Giessen Nursery, we have a wide selection of fruit trees and berries in stock right now and ready for transplanting into your yard. Most of the fruit trees we carry are dwarf varieties, meaning that while they’ll bear a full crop of fruit, they won’t take over your yard–most dwarf fruit trees top out at 12-15′ tall.

Our fruit tree selection for 2017 includes the following (list updated 4.15.17):


  • Fuji — sold out
  • Gravenstein — sold out
  • Honeycrisp — sold out
  • Jonagold
  • Red McIntosh
  • Spartan
  • Zestar


  • Bing — sold out
  • Rainier — sold out
  • Stella


  • Green Gage
  • Italian Prune — sold out
  • Yellow Egg


  • Frost — sold out


  • Anjou
  • Bartlett — sold out

Combination Trees (multiple fruits on one tree)

  • Apple 4-Way — 2 mixes of 4 varieties on each tree
  • Espaliered Apples — 2 mixes of 5 varieties on each tree — sold out
  • Fruit Salad — Frost Peach, Puget Gold Apricot, Hardy Red Nectarine, Shiro Plum & Harglow Apricot sold out
  • Fruit Cocktail — Frost Peach, Puget Gold Apricot, Harko Nectarine, Stella Cherry, Italian Prune, Lapin Cherry — sold out

Through April 15, our entire selection of fruit trees is $10 off! Regularly priced at $34.99-$49.99, plant a tree for under $25. Grab your raincoat, dig a hole and stop by to see what’s available. There’s nothing like fresh taste of homegrown fruit; let us help you get started growing your own this spring.

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