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Summer Care to Keep Your Plants Healthy and Vibrant

With summer in full swing, now is the time of year we can really enjoy the beauty that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. The flowers you planted in May and June are in full bloom and your vegetable garden is beginning to offer its bounty. Maybe, however, all is not perfect in paradise—whether insects, fertilizer deficiency, or disease issues, any number of problems could put your garden’s beauty at [...]

Enjoy Early Summer Color & A Thriving Yard

Last month I wrote about how spring was finally arriving here in the Pacific Northwest. Now, with June drawing to a close, summer is here, and with it, the joy of watching the plants in your garden thrive in the long days and warmer temperatures. If your garden needs some extra color or you want to ensure your yard and garden perform their best this summer, here are a [...]

Beautiful Rose Bushes on Sale

Roses are one of the most-loved flowers in America--so much so, they're our national flower. And with a wide variety of colors, textures, and enticing fragrances, there's a rose to fit just about anyone's preferences. Whether you're an avid rose gardener or just starting to dabble in growing your own bouquets of these classic flowers, we're ready to help you pick out the best rose bushes you'll find anywhere--and [...]

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Greenhouse Sale on Now

Summer is just around the corner, and now is the time to finish planting the pots, hanging baskets and flowerbeds around your house. To help your gardening budget go further, most of our annuals in the greenhouse are now on sale. While supplies last, the following items are now clearance priced: Basket Stuffers $1.99 each (Reg. $3.49) 4-Pack and 6-Pack Annuals $2.49 each or $10/flat (Reg. $3.49 or $19.99/flat) Veggie [...]

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Grow a Garden Full of Fresh Color, Not Bugs

To be fair, most of us living here in the Pacific Northwest have chosen our lot in life, but let’s be real—the last six months have tested even the most rain-loving among us. With blue skies finally arriving with some regularity, it’s now time to start planting flowers, vegetables, and other plants around your yard. As you relish bringing color back to your hanging baskets and planters, here are some [...]

Tomato Days 2017: 49-Cent Tomato Starts!

With warmer temperatures and sunny days beginning to arrive in the Pacific Northwest, spring is in full swing--and it's almost time for one of our most popular events at the nursery: Tomato Days! Join us this year on Friday and Saturday, May 5 and 6, for this year's Tomato Days sale. Select varieties of tomato starts will be available for just 49 cents each, and we'll have a great [...]

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Spring Renewal in the Yard & Garden

Spring is a time of renewal in the yard and garden, and that’s never been truer than this year. Whether you’re looking for a shrub to replace one damaged or killed this winter, want to plant something new and exciting to lift your spirits, or need help continuing to repair your lawn, here are some of my top suggestions for this month. Each spring brings about the introductions of [...]

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Pre-order Your Lynden Baskets Now

Here at Vander Giessen Nursery, we take pride in the beautiful, unique hanging baskets we grow in our greenhouses each year. With dozens of different color combinations available, we have a hanging basket for just about any taste. If you're looking for the perfect Lynden Basket to give your mom--or yourself!--this spring, we've begun taking pre-orders for this year. Whether you're looking for a specific color combination or just [...]

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The Season for Planting Fruit

Spring may be slow to arrive this year--especially discouraging for many given the early, beautiful spring we've enjoyed the last couple of years. That said, it's not too early to get started with planting fruit trees, berries, and other edibles; in fact, early spring is the best time of year to get them in the ground! At Vander Giessen Nursery, we have a wide selection of fruit trees and [...]

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A Time to Bring Life Back to Your Yard

With our long, wet winter stubbornly refusing to completely yield to spring’s warmer, sunnier weather, life in the Pacific Northwest this early spring has been a challenge for those of us who wish to get started gardening. With gradually improving weather, though, now is the time to begin repairing your yard, replacing dead or heavily damaged plants, and bringing new life to your garden. First, now is the time [...]

2017-03-30T03:34:07+00:00 March 11th, 2017|Fruit, Hot Plants, Lawn Care, Planting|2 Comments
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