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Fall Clearance: 40% off Shrubs, Trees & Perennials

Fall weather has arrived in the Pacific Northwest, and even though the days are getting shorter, wetter and sometimes downright blustery, it’s perfect weather for planting! No matter what you want to plant, autumn’s cooler, wet weather make for stress-free transplant for your shrubs, trees, and perennials–and you don’t have to worry about doing much watering. Through November 4, we’re having a fall clearance sale on nearly all of [...]

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4 Fall Tasks for a Healthy Lawn & Colorful Garden

A year ago, we ended a warm, dry summer with a splash of sorts—October’s arrival brought a drastic change in the weather that began one of the wettest winters on record in our area. This year, we’ve once again experienced a dry summer and pleasant early fall, and while rainy weather is arriving, it's now the perfect for getting some extra lawn and garden projects done. Here are a [...]

It’s Time to Plant! 25% off Shrubs, Trees & Perennials

Fall is a special season here in the Pacific Northwest. Changing leaves, cool, crisp air and the return of regular rains--all of these are signs that autumn has arrived. For gardeners, fall is an especially fun time--fresh, new flowers fill the benches of garden centers, cooler weather reduces the stress on plants...and sales have begun on shrubs, trees and perennials! At Vander Giessen Nursery, we're kicking off fall with [...]

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Make the Most of Fall Planting Season

After a seemingly-interminable dry streak, we’ve finally been blessed with rain again here in our corner of the Pacific Northwest, and with it, the transition to a new season. With autumn here, now is the time to once again begin planting shrubs and trees, rehabilitating your lawn and sprucing up your containers for autumn. Even though it can still feel like summer in the afternoons, step outside early one [...]

Fall Has Arrived at the Nursery

Fall has arrived at the nursery! We're fully stocked with pumpkins, gourds, straw bales, corn stalks, fall flowers and more for making your front porch look its best this season. Scroll through some of the pictures of our fall selection below, then stop in to pick up the plants, pumpkins and decor you'll need to make your home festive for the autumn season. Our fall selection includes: Pumpkins -- [...]

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Winter Pansies for Fresh Color

With the warm weather of the last couple of weeks and the dry conditions we've experienced this summer, your flowers may be starting to look a little worn and it might be time to start thinking about freshening your pots up for a new season. Autumn isn't far away, and now is the perfect time to begin planting winter pansies for color through fall and again next spring. At Vander [...]

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Show Your Lawn & Garden Some Love

Late summer is upon us, and with it, the joys of eating dinner on the deck and relishing the last weeks of warm weather before autumn arrives. Besides back-to-school shopping, late summer is the perfect time to schedule some preventative insect control for your lawn, prune some shrubs, and show your flowers and hanging baskets some extra love. First, now is a crucial time to apply grub killer to [...]

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Summer Care to Keep Your Plants Healthy and Vibrant

With summer in full swing, now is the time of year we can really enjoy the beauty that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. The flowers you planted in May and June are in full bloom and your vegetable garden is beginning to offer its bounty. Maybe, however, all is not perfect in paradise—whether insects, fertilizer deficiency, or disease issues, any number of problems could put your garden’s beauty [...]

Enjoy Early Summer Color & A Thriving Yard

Last month I wrote about how spring was finally arriving here in the Pacific Northwest. Now, with June drawing to a close, summer is here, and with it, the joy of watching the plants in your garden thrive in the long days and warmer temperatures. If your garden needs some extra color or you want to ensure your yard and garden perform their best this summer, here are a [...]

Beautiful Rose Bushes on Sale

Roses are one of the most-loved flowers in America--so much so, they're our national flower. And with a wide variety of colors, textures, and enticing fragrances, there's a rose to fit just about anyone's preferences. Whether you're an avid rose gardener or just starting to dabble in growing your own bouquets of these classic flowers, we're ready to help you pick out the best rose bushes you'll find anywhere--and [...]

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