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Unmatched Color & Quality

Vander Giessen Nursery is your home for the famous Lynden Baskets–Lynden’s beautiful flowering hanging baskets! At Vander Giessen’s, we sell only our own baskets, each one planted and grown right in our own greenhouses on-site. Unlike baskets you’ll buy at other nurseries or stores that come on trucks from large growers, our baskets never leave their spot in the greenhouse until they’re ready to go home with you.

Many Vander Giessen customers come from as far away as Seattle and beyond to shop our beautiful selection of hanging baskets each spring–and we welcome you to as well! Visit us in early spring to pick out the color combination that fits your taste and we’ll hold your order until Mother’s Day weekend.

Lynden Baskets also make a great gift for any occasion or holiday. From mid-April through early July, Vander Giessen’s carries a wide selection of baskets ready to go; or, if you’d like to give a basket during the fall and winter months, pick up a gift card pre-loaded for the price of a basket and let the recipient come in to shop for the perfect hanging basket at a later date.

Keep Them Looking Great!

Jack's Classic

Keep your Lynden Baskets looking their best all summer with Jack’s Classic water-soluble fertilizers. Unrivaled in quality, Jack’s provides the best blend of nutrients for your flowers and will promote vigorous growth and profuse flowering. Pick up the right blends for your needs when you stop in at the nursery.