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If you’re considering replacing your lawn or have a new house that will need a lawn soon, we can help. Hydroseeding–the process of seeding a lawn with a spray-on liquid mulch–offers even germination, moisture-holding capacity and faster growth than traditional dry seeding, resulting in a beautiful, lush lawn in much less time than traditional dry seeding. Additionally, we offer multiple seed options, allowing you to choose a grass seed mix that will suit your conditions and needs.

We offer hydroseeding service for both residential and commercial customers from March through early October, typically with just a 2-day lead time. Interested in scheduling your job? Please measure off your square footage and call us at (360) 354-3097 for pricing. We look forward to serving you!

Why Choose Hydroseeding?

  • Moisture-holding mulch requires less watering than dry seeding
  • Starter fertilizer incorporated into mulch for even, thorough feeding as grass begins to grow
  • Faster germination and greening than traditional dry seeding
  • Mulch prevents erosion on sloped ground and holds seed in place during watering or rain
  • Seed mixes we use are more tolerant of cool, wet winter weather than sod
  • No transplant stress or shock, unlike sod installation