For months now, you’ve probably been watching as Christmas trees go up in stores and gift items start appearing on shelves. It seems like Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year.

This morning, I saw a news report saying that Nordstrom is one of the few stores left to hold off on its Christmas decorating until the day after Thanksgiving. Well, they’re not alone! Just yesterday we kicked off the Christmas season at Vander Giessen Nursery–after all, now it’s the Christmas season!

We’re open with a full supply of fresh-cut and live Christmas trees, poinsettias in various sizes and colors, as well as gift ideas for any gardener (our hand-made wreaths are scheduled to start arriving early next week!). Check out the Christmas photo gallery for pictures of Christmas at Vander Giessen Nursery and more information on our hours and what we carry.

As we begin this Christmas season, start your celebrations with a trip to Vander Giessen Nursery. This year, we’re offering apple cider, coffee, hot chocolate and donuts on Saturdays, so bring the family down to enjoy a snack while you shop! As always, we look forward to serving you!