Okay, I don’t want to get ahead of myself and have to eat my words when we get a hard freeze or that March snowfall that everyone seems to worry will still come–and it might–but it would sure appear that spring has arrived in the Pacific Northwest!

Here at the nursery, we’ve been busy in the last week stocking shelves, receiving orders of plant “plugs” for our greenhouses, transplanting perennials, and planting hanging baskets and geraniums. Just today, we planted 4100 geraniums, nearly filling our entire “Geranium House” greenhouse (see the picture to the right)! Earlier in the week, we planted 380 hanging baskets–our first batch of the season.

Tomorrow, the first of our shrub and tree orders will arrive. While we will have much the same selection of shrubs and trees as previous years, we’re looking forward to expanding our selection of fruit, including several varieties of blueberries and raspberries, grapes, pears and cherries.

As I said, we’ve been busy, and we’re excited to begin another new season–our 72nd! We welcome you to stop by anytime during the day Monday-Saturday to browse what’s new and learn about what’s coming up. Now, cross your fingers that the mythical March snow stays just that–a myth!