This time of year, every week is a big week–between receiving shipments, planting annuals, designing and building plant displays and helping customers (of course!), the pace really picks up. And we love it, so don’t think I’m complaining!

If you’re driving by this week, you’ll see that our shrub and tree orders are arriving. We have a great selection of blooming shrubs and trees, many of them budded and ready to start blooming in the next few weeks (or in bloom already). I’ll try to get some pictures up soon of the shrubs that are currently in bloom–or, if you have a minute, stop by and see for yourself!

This year we’re also proud to have a broader selection of edibles, many of which have already arrived! From apple and cherry trees to raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and grapes, we’re off to a good start–and as the season progresses, expect us to have the veggie starts and herbs for your garden as well. If you’re looking for seed, we have a great selection of Ed Hume seeds selected specifically for our climate.

As the days get longer and you start to work in your garden, stop by Vander Giessen’s to see what you could use to bring some early spring color to your flowerbeds. As always, we look forward to serving you!