This evening after work I decided to take advantage of the extra hour of daylight and do some work around the yard. After I finished up, I took a few minutes to wander around and admire what was popping up and leafing out.

My roses have been leafed out for a month already, so I thought maybe it was time to look for the first rosebud of the season…hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream, does it? Well, I found it! Honest, it’s there–if it was still light out, I’d take a picture to prove it.

But here’s the problem: covering that one rosebud was a host of aphids. Yuck! I’m afraid that this year, I won’t be the only one battling bugs in my garden. After an incredibly mild winter, it could shape up to be a bad year for insect problems. Normally, I wouldn’t even have to dream of aphids this early, but it looks like it’s time to take action.

If you’re concerned about bug problems on your roses this year, I challenge you to try a product you may not have used before–Bayer All-in-One Rose and Flower Care. It’s the only product I trust for managing insects and diseases on my roses, and it’s an excellent fertilizer as well. The best part of this relatively new product is the ease of use–it’s a systemic, meaning no more spraying! Simply mix up the liquid in a quart of water, pour at the base of the plant, and it protects your roses for 6 weeks.

Maybe you’re already a believer in Bayer All-in-One–many of my customers are. But if you haven’t used it yet, give it a try. You’re sure to like it!