‘Pink Frost’ is a colorful newer hellebore variety

In recent years, advancements in plant breeding have made for some great introductions in the world of hellebores–also known as ‘Winter Rose’ or ‘Lenten Rose.’ One variety, ‘Ivory Prince,’ has noticeably more upright-facing flowers, an improvement over the drooping faces of older varieties. ‘Pink Frost,’ another variety with upward-facing blooms, boasts large flowers with deep rose tones.

And yet a third variety–brand new this year–is ‘Snow Fever.’ With it’s greenish-white flowers, it’s sure to add brightness to a shady garden. Most notable, however, is its variegated foliage–a totally unique characteristic in the world of hellebores. In the spring, the new leaves emerge with a pink blush over green and white. As they age, the leaves change to a bright green with flecks of white and cream through the leaf.

If you haven’t recently checked out what hellebores have to offer your garden, it’s worth a stop to see the beauty of these newer varieties. And for a limited time, all of our hellebores are on sale at $2.00 off!