Enjoy the Benefits of a Lush Lawn

At Vander Giessen Nursery, you’ll find expert help to ensure the health of your lawn. Whether as a playground for your kids, an outdoor carpet to lay on and read a book or simply a neutral space to offset your perennial and shrub beds, a lawn provides many benefits. and is an excellent investment for the value of your home.

In lawn care, we trust the consistent quality of Scotts fertilizers. With several different formulations for various times of year and lawn needs, there’s a Scotts fertilizer available at Vander Giessen’s to keep your lawn healthy.

For proper control of moss, weeds, insects and diseases, Vander Giessen’s also carries a complete selection of control products. Visit our Garden Guides page and download the Lawn Care Reference Guide. In it you’ll find recommendations for what product to use for your lawn care needs–all available at Vander Giessen’s.

If a new lawn is in your sights, let us help! We sell our own proprietary blend of grass seed chosen for success in our unique Pacific Northwest climate. With a nearly 40-year track record of success, our Vander Giessen Seed Mix will give you a beautiful green lawn for years to come.