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Fall Clearance: 40% off Shrubs, Trees & Perennials

Fall weather has arrived in the Pacific Northwest, and even though the days are getting shorter, wetter and sometimes downright blustery, it's perfect weather for planting! No matter what you want to plant, autumn's cooler, wet weather make for stress-free transplant for your shrubs, trees, and perennials--and you don't have to worry about doing much watering. Through the end of October, we've marked down nearly all of our remaining [...]

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Delayed-Gratification Gardening–Worth the Wait

Falling leaves, soaking rains and shorter days—October has arrived in the Pacific Northwest. While it’s easy to think that gardening is finished for the season, there is still plenty to do, albeit tasks somewhat devoid of instant gratification. But good things come to those who wait, so catch a break between showers, put on your grubby clothes, and embrace autumn gardening! First, October is just about the perfect time [...]

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Putting Down Roots on a Great New Lawn

To put a positive spin on this year, I think it’s fair to say we’ve all enjoyed our backyards more than ever before! From planting new shrubs and trees to enjoying fresh homegrown produce and colorful flowers, people are rediscovering the joy and stress relief gardening has to offer. As you’ve spent time in your yard this summer, you may have noticed your grass could use some love. Whether [...]

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Making the Most of Your Late Summer Garden

Puffy white clouds in a bright blue sky, tassled sweet corn beginning to mature, and dahlias in full bloom—this is summer in the Pacific Northwest. After a delayed start to the warm weather this year, we’ve finally enjoyed some real summer temperatures and sunny days in the last month. As your garden offers the best of its summer glory before the decline into autumn, here are some tips to [...]