Enrich and Beautify Your Garden

The best gardens start with the best soils and compost. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a raised garden bed or wanting to amend old, depleted soil in the flower beds around your house, Vander Giessen Nursery has the bulk or bagged soils and compost to meet your needs. And when you’re ready to put the finishing touch on your beds, we carry multiple options in bulk and bagged bark mulch as well.

Vander Giessen’s also carries a broad selection of rock products for your landscape, construction or decorative use. See the options below for the products we carry.

Our bulk products are measured by the cubic yard, so bring your pickup or trailer and leave the loading to us. Don’t have access to a pickup? No problem–we deliver in north Whatcom County with no minimum, just a flat fee delivery charge. Simply contact us to inquire about rates to your address.

If your project is small or you’d prefer to avoid the mess of a pile of compost or bark mulch in your driveway, we have a great selection of top-quality bagged products to meet your needs as well.

Our complete selection of bulk and bagged products we carry is listed below. Please contact us for current pricing and availability.

Bulk Products

  • Fine bark mulch
  • Medium bark mulch
  • Black bark mulch
  • Two-way topsoil
  • Green Earth compost
  • Smit’s garden compost
  • Crushed gravel
  • Crushed limestone
  • Drain rock
  • Pea gravel
  • Screened sand

Bagged Products (cf= cubic feet, qt= quarts)

  • Medium Bark Mulch 2cf
  • Organic Compost 1cf
  • Chicken Manure 1cf
  • Organic Potting Mix 16qt & 1.5cf
  • Raised Bed Potting Mix 1.5cf
  • Topsoil 1cf
  • Peat Moss 1cf & 3cf
  • Play Chips 2cf

Bagged products are available seasonally–please call to confirm availability

Approximate Coverages for 1 Cubic Yard of Material

Depth Square Footage
3″ 100 square feet
2″ 150 square feet
1″ 300 square feet
Fine Bark
Fine Bark
Beautifies flower beds while also providing moisture retention and weed control. Fine texture provides a uniform appearance.
Medium Bark
Medium Bark
Beautifies flower beds while also providing moisture retention and weed control. Slightly more coarse texture than fine bark.
Black Bark
Black Bark
Beautifies flower beds while also providing moisture retention and weed control. Very fine texture with rich black appearance.
Excellent two-way blend for creating flowerbeds, making gardens or planting a lawn. Screened to remove rocks and fortified with compost to add nutrients and keep soil aerated.
Green Earth Compost
Green Earth Compost
Composted yard and kitchen wastes rich in nutrients. Excellent for amending flowerbeds. Can be used as a substitute for black bark when extra nutrition is required.