Grow the Best with Vander Giessen Roses

At Vander Giessen Nursery, we’re proud to carry roses from two of the oldest and best rose growers in the nation. Weeks Roses and Star Roses–with over 200 years of combined experience–have the skill needed to grow the best roses available today. And like them, our more than 80 years of experience have enabled us to grow top-quality roses as well.

Gardeners all across Whatcom County visit us to purchase their roses–many tell us that our roses are bigger, healthier and better blooming than roses at any other nursery. But don’t take our word for it–stop in and see for yourself. We’re certain you’ll love what you find!

See the complete selection of roses we carry below, including a wide variety of colors, sizes, growing habits and fragrances. Please note that this list does not necessarily reflect plants presently available. Also, due to the size of our rose bushes, we apologize that we are unable to offer shipping.

Please note that we are now sold out of our roses for 2020. Thank you to all who purchased from us this year!

2020 Rose Collection

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  • All My Loving
  • Anna’s Promise
  • California Dreamin’**
  • Chicago Peace
  • Dick Clark
  • Double Delight**
  • Dream Come True
  • Elle**
  • Fragrant Cloud**
  • Fragrant Plum**
  • Gemini
  • Ingrid Bergman
  • Love at First Sight NEW!
  • Midas Touch
  • Miss Congeniality
  • Mister Lincoln**
  • Neil Diamond**
  • Olympiad
  • Oregold
  • Peace
  • Perfect Moment
  • Perfume Delight **
  • Pope John Paul II **
  • Pretty Lady Rose
  • Radiant Perfume **
  • Rio Samba
  • Sedona
  • State of Grace NEW!
  • Sugar Moon **
  • Tropicana
  • Twilight Zone **
  • Voodoo**

**Denotes strong fragrance

  • Arctic Blue
  • Drop Dead Red
  • Easy Does It
  • Ebb Tide
  • Julia Child
  • Ketchup & Mustard
  • Queen of Elegance NEW!
  • America
  • Lady in Red
  • Knock Out
  • Pink Knock Out
  • Rainbow Knock Out
  • Sunny Knock Out
  • White Knock Out
  • All A’Twitter
  • Tiddlywinks
  • Watercolors Home Run
  • All A’Twitter — 18″ Patio Tree
  • Tiddlywinks — 18″ Patio Tree
  • Julia Child — 36″ Tree
  • Olympiad — 36″ Tree