Enjoy Four-Season Interest with Shrubs

The landscaping around your home not only serves to welcome visitors, it also acts an extension of your decorating and design preferences. Much like the colors and textures you use indoors, the plants you choose for your yard reflect your personality.

Whether you have a large, expansive yard or a small city lot, we’ve got great options in shrubs for any gardener. Sun or shade, fast- or slow-growing, evergreen or deciduous–you’ll find plenty of options regardless of your needs or wants. Peruse our garden-like setting for inspiration and ideas to make your yard beautiful year-round.

From spring-blooming shrubs to variegated summer foliage or fall color to brightly-colored branches in winter, let us help you design the perfect four-seasons landscape to suit your personality and make your home inviting all through the year!

Tips for Planting Success

  • Dig hole as deep as soil in pot or root ball and half again as wide as pot or root ball.

  • Slide plant out of pot and gently loosen root ball.

  • Place plant in hole, filling around it with a 50/50 mix of native soil and organic compost to hold moisture while encouraging proper drainage.

  • Use Bonide Root & Grow with the first watering to encourage fast root development and minimize transplant stress.

  • Water regularly until plant is well-established.

  • Encourage healthy growth throughout the growing season with Jack’s Classicote slow-release fertilizer. This fertilizer feeds for 3-4 months, making feeding a truly once-and-done job!