Put Your Lawn & Garden to Bed for Winter

With dusk creeping into the four o’clock hour, regular morning frosts, and maple trees shedding the last of their autumn brilliance, we can be sure of one thing: late autumn is upon us. As you put your garden to bed for winter, here are a few items you’ll want to check off your list this month. First, let me suggest that before you do any final raking of leaves [...]

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New Life for Your Lawn & Planters

This summer’s long stretches of hot weather, little to no significant rain, and days of heavy forest fire smoke have made it a season for the record books. Now, with relief here in the form of cooler temperatures and more regular rain, it’s time to transition to a new season. Here are a few tips to get your yard and planters in shape for autumn. First, now is the [...]

Make the Most of Fall Planting Season

After a seemingly-interminable dry streak, we’ve finally been blessed with rain again here in our corner of the Pacific Northwest, and with it, the transition to a new season. With autumn here, now is the time to once again begin planting shrubs and trees, rehabilitating your lawn and sprucing up your containers for autumn. Even though it can still feel like summer in the afternoons, step outside early one [...]

Winter Pansies for Fresh Color

With the warm weather of the last couple of weeks and the dry conditions we've experienced this summer, your flowers may be starting to look a little worn and it might be time to start thinking about freshening your pots up for a new season. Autumn isn't far away, and now is the perfect time to begin planting winter pansies for color through fall and again next spring. At Vander [...]

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Prepare Now for a Successful Spring

From the football field to a game of chess, a successful player or team anticipates its opponent’s moves and prevents the rival from advancing. In gardening, the same rules apply, and while November isn’t always the most pleasant time for yard work, it’s a crucial time for a few final tasks around the yard and garden to avoid playing catch-up next spring. First, now is the time to put your [...]

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It’s Time to Renew Your Yard

In the spirit of all things weather-related in 2015, it’s looking like we're starting autumn earlier than normal this year. Sure, September rarely passes without good stretches of nice weather, but after the rain and stormy weather that came at the end of August, you’ve likely seen a lot of your plants starting to show the weariness of a season nearly over. As you gear up for autumn, here are [...]

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Make the Most of Fall & Winter Color

Autumn is quickly settling in here in the Pacific Northwest. As we begin to experience more regular rains, cooler nights and foggy mornings, here are some tips and a few of our favorite plants for a new season. First, I'm going to go out on a limb (pun intended!) and predict that trees in our area will show beautiful fall color this year. After a long, hot summer, deciduous [...]

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