Hydrangeas Galore!

One of the most rewarding and easy-to-grow flowering plants in your yard, hydrangeas are incredibly popular for good reason! With a wide variety of shapes, sizes, sun or shade requirements, and colors, hydrangeas are a must-have for summer color in your garden. At Vander Giessen Nursery, we grow and sell a broad selection of hydrangeas, from dwarfs that top out at just 1-2 feet tall all the up to [...]

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Five Tips to Make the Most of Autumn in the Garden

After a hot, stressful summer for our yards and gardens here in the Pacific Northwest, autumn has graciously settled in, bringing cool mornings and colorful leaves. As you begin to wind down your gardening projects for the season, here are a few tips to make the most of autumn’s cooler weather. 1. Now is the time to divide and transplant many of your spring- and summer-blooming perennials. Perennials like hostas [...]

4 Fall Tasks for a Healthy Lawn & Colorful Garden

A year ago, we ended a warm, dry summer with a splash of sorts—October’s arrival brought a drastic change in the weather that began one of the wettest winters on record in our area. This year, we’ve once again experienced a dry summer and pleasant early fall, and while rainy weather is arriving, it's now the perfect for getting some extra lawn and garden projects done. Here are a [...]

Color, Texture & Flavor for the Garden

There’s something about this time of year that I find particularly invigorating. Maybe it’s the bright colors of spring-blooming shrubs and perennials, maybe it’s the longer, warmer days, or maybe it’s the smell of fresh-cut grass; whatever it is, you might feel it too. As you get inspired to plant something in your yard this spring, here are a few of my favorite plants for unique color, texture, and flavor. [...]

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Spring is Here–Enjoy It!

Treat your trees once for year-round insect protection-- and no spraying! So, how about that winter? For the last two months, I’ve cautioned against getting too excited about the spring-like weather we’ve enjoyed for fear that a good dose of winter could still arrive. Although a slim chance of winter weather still exists, with March quickly passing it’s time to plow full speed ahead with spring and all it involves. [...]

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Hydrangeas: When to Prune and How to Change Their Color

Macrophylla hydrangea -- the most common type It's late summer, and despite all the other fun activities you’re trying to squeeze in before fall, now is the time to prune many varieties of hydrangeas around your yard. If you’ve ever struggled with getting your hydrangeas to bloom right—or even if you want to change the color of your blooms—here are some basic tips that can make your [...]

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Hydrangea Pruning: A Photo Primer

It's late summer--not the time you're exactly thinking of doing pruning around your yard, is it? Unless you're battling a shrub that's taking over your front porch, chances are you won't think much about pruning until at least this fall (or maybe even next spring). But did you know that late summer is a great time to prune many varieties of hydrangea? It's true! Older varieties of hydrangeas--standard mophead and [...]

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