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Prepare Your Garden for a Winter’s Rest

With the sun hanging low in the southern sky and frost beginning to appear more regularly on roofs and lawns, autumn in the Pacific Northwest is gradually eroding, soon to be replaced with winter. As your garden goes to sleep for winter and you prepare to store your tools for a season’s rest, here are a few final tasks to accomplish around the yard this month. First, it’s not too [...]

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Late Autumn: A Time of Closure and New Beginnings in the Garden

In the world of gardening, November is a month of closure. Raking leaves, pulling out flowers, putting the lawnmower away for winter—there are plenty of signs that the season is ending. This month, as you wind down your garden work for 2016, don’t miss out on these season-ending tasks—and a very important first task for spring you need to take time for now. First, it’s time to rake leaves. [...]

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Finish the Gardening Season Strong

With Thanksgiving drawing close, we’re in the homestretch of another year—and as you finish up the last of your gardening tasks for the season, here are a few tips to ensure a good end to this year and start to the next. First, it’s time to label your plants. As perennials grow in popularity and variety, more of the plants in our gardens simply disappear over winter, leaving us [...]

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Prepare Your Lawn & Garden for a Beautiful Spring

By all accounts, this year’s summer weather was exceptional. A long season of warm, dry weather—punctuated by a few perfectly-timed rains—made for a great year in the garden and left many gardeners with bumper crops (tomatoes, anyone?). As we begin to close the books on another year of gardening, there are a few steps you can take now to ensure a healthy lawn and beautiful garden next spring. First, [...]

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