Get Your Lawn Back in Shape

After one of the warmest, driest summers on record last year—followed by a mild, wet winter—your lawn might need a lot of work this spring. Now is the time to get started, so here are my tips for reestablishing your yard in time for summer. First, it’s time once again to deal with moss in your lawn. I’m regularly asked when the right time is to kill moss. The fact [...]

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Trust Me, It’s Not Crabgrass

Think you have crabgrass in your lawn? Let me be blunt: you're wrong. Here in the Pacific Northwest, crabgrass is rarely a significant problem in lawns; in fact, even when it is you won't notice it showing up until summer heat sets in. The fact is, if you think you have crabgrass in your lawn during the cooler spring months, it's not crabgrass at all. It's poa. Somewhere back [...]

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