In the Midwest, where I went to college, they say you can actually hear the corn growing in the summer. I believe it–the growing season they have there is shorter and more intense than here in the Pacific Northwest, so the corn has to grow at breakneck speed in order to be mature by harvest.

In our greenhouses right now, the hanging baskets, bedding plants and basket stuffers are growing just as fast as the Iowa cornfields in July. Now, you may not be able to hear the plants growing–although I haven’t tried (so maybe you can!)–but you can certainly see the difference from day to day. It’s really an exciting time of year, seeing the fresh green foliage and the first blooms of the season.

It’s still too early to put any annuals outside, but if the dreary, cold rain is getting to you, stop by the nursery. You’re more than welcome to walk through our greenhouses and enjoy a taste of spring! And don’t be surprised if you can hear the plants growing–it’s just that time of year.