It doesn’t get a lot better than this! This time of year, Vander Giessen Nursery is bursting with color, from our fully-stocked greenhouses packed with color to the many flowering shrubs and trees coming into bloom in the nursery display yard. This truly is a magical time of year.

Spring is here–yes, we’re still getting some cool evening temperatures, so we recommend that you wait another week to put your annuals out–but now is a great time to browse the nursery and pick out some shrubs to bring color to your garden.

Speaking of color for your garden, if you haven’t had a chance, take a few minutes to read the “Early spring color for your garden” post (below). Tired of having a blah landscape? Give it a dose of spring with some of the suggestions listed.

So stop by the nursery–even if you only have time to quickly walk through. You’ll love what you see!