If you’ve driven by in recent days, you’ve probably noticed some big changes here at the nursery! So, what’s going on?

Several years ago, when we remodeled much of the nursery to expand back into shrub and tree sales, we tore down most of the house on the corner as it severely limited the space we would have to use for plants. At that time, we converted the remaining portion of the house into our office. Now, as we continue to expand, we need more space for plants, as well as better visibility of the nursery from the street. So, sadly, it was time for the house to go.

While the newly-created space where the house once stood leaves a void for now, we encourage you to watch the changes that we plan to make over the winter and into next spring, including more flower beds, additional space for displaying shrubs and trees, new structures to display our famous Lynden Baskets and more! We’re excited about the potential this new area holds and look forward to using it to expand our business and make it more visible to passersby.

As we transition into winter, our first order of business will be spreading gravel into the area for our Christmas tree lot. After Christmas, we’ll get to work on reconfiguring the flower beds and creating displays for our Lynden Baskets.

Share the news about the changes at Vander Giessen’s with a friend today–chances are, they’ll be glad to know 🙂 If you’d like to view an album of the house demolition, please follow the link below.

Demolition at Vander Giessen’s!