Like many people, you may wonder what happens around a nursery during the winter? Many nurseries close after fall sales or the Christmas season–there’s just not much to do until spring–but we’re open! So what do we have going on right now?

The truth is, the months of January and early February–while different from the rest of the year–are equally as busy as any other time. We’re constantly working to make improvements to our facilities so we can provide you a better shopping experience. (On a side note, if you have suggestions along those lines, we welcome them!). The most major change you’ll notice in the coming year is the demolition of our old office on the corner of the nursery property. We’re excited about the change and are confident you’ll enjoy the more open shopping area as well.

Another change that we’ve been working on lately is an update on the layout of what we call our “geranium house”–the greenhouse most visible from the street. We’ve always known that the previous layout of narrow aisles and small benches was anything but ideal…and now those problems are gone! We’ve replaced the old benching system with new, wide benches and considerably wider aisles. I’ll post pictures of the update when we’ve made the finishing touches to the new benches.

Of course, there’s much more happening at Vander Giessen’s than just construction this time of year. Already we’ve started to receive our initial spring shipments of lawn and garden products; soon our seed racks will arrive, and in just 2 weeks, we’ll start to see the first plants come through the door. It’s an exciting time of year as we gear up, and if you’re getting anxious for spring, we invite you to stop in anytime and find out what’s new for 2011.