I just happened to look at the blog to see what I’d posted in the last few weeks…and it looks like other than my “Wordless Wednesday” posts, I haven’t been a very good blogger lately! I’d try to use the excuse that I’ve been too busy–which I have–but that’s no excuse. So, what’s been going on at the nursery?

In the last few weeks, we’ve been waiting out the weather and hoping for some spring weather. Not that there’s any reason to panic–it’s never safe to put annuals out before the first of May, anyway–but some warm weather would be appreciated, for sure! In the meantime, we’ve been busy working in the greenhouses, by and large, and let me tell you, we’ve got a great spring in store!

At Vander Giessen’s, we work hard to grow premium plants, and this year is shaping up to be one of the best on record. In all humility, we’re really excited about how well everything is looking–when you start shopping for your flowers, you’ll find that everything is in bloom, well-branched and stress-free. Despite the crazy weather outside, the plants inside have had a great start, which means they’ll do even better in your garden.

Aside from the quality you’ll find at the nursery, we’re also excited to offer many new plants and varieties that we’ve carried before. Some of what you’ll find this year includes:

  • ‘Pretty Much Picasso’ petunia
  • Supertunias
  • Double impatiens
  • Dragonwing begonias
  • Heat-loving trailing white lobelia
  • 14 varieties of calibrachoa (“Million bells”)
  • Great new colors of geraniums
  • A whole new coleus section with totally unique colors, shapes and textures

Like always, everything you find in our greenhouses–nearly 100% of our annuals–are all planted and grown on-site in our greenhouses, ensuring top quality for your home and garden!

Now, I know you’re probably excited for planting annuals–we could all use a good dose of spring right now–but now is a great time to plant your perennials, shrubs and trees. After all, plant them now and you don’t have to worry about watering for the next while! We’re fully stocked with beautiful plants for any area in your garden, whether you’re looking for the basics or a brand-new showpiece.

If you need garden amendments, we’ve got those, too. Check out our great selection of bagged potting soils, chicken and steer manure, topsoil, bark and play chips as well as our bulk bark, topsoil and composts–including mushroom compost for your vegetables.

Like I said, we’ve got a great spring in store at Vander Giessen’s. As you get going with your yard this spring, check out what solutions we have for your garden–we’re here to help!