In case you haven’t heard, Mother’s Day is this weekend! (I’m just kidding–we’ve all been hearing about Mother’s Day for weeks, now.) If you’re still looking for ideas for your mother–or if you need to give your husband or kids a few ideas–we’ve got plenty of great options for you at Vander Giessen Nursery! A few of our suggestions include:

  • Hanging Baskets (Lynden Baskets, Fuchsias and Begonia Baskets available)
  • Earth Box garden planters
  • Gardening hand tools (including the very popular Hori Hori garden knife)
  • Ceramic pottery
  • Pre-made patio planters
  • Fountains
  • Gift certificates

Additionally, many people choose to go the “do it yourself” route and make a garden gift basket. Pick out a beautiful pot, add a bag of potting soil, some fertilizer, a pair of garden gloves of accessories and a few flowers and you’ll have a great personalized gift for your loved one.

Finally, if you wish to get your mom one of our very popular Lynden Baskets, we urge you to come in today–we’re selling through our first crop fast and will likely be sold out soon. Not to worry–you can give Mom a gift cetificate for the purchase of a basket and she can come pick out one of our later crop of baskets in the next couple of weeks–but if you like to give your mom a basket in bloom now, you’re running out of time!

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend!