With all the cool weather we’ve had this spring in our area, you may have had several false starts in your gardening endeavors. Maybe you’ve taken advantage of a few nice days here and there to do some weeding, but when it comes to planting your vegetables, the weather sours just when you’re ready to plant…and now it’s starting to look like it’s too late to start.

Not to worry! In a “normal” spring, you could have planted your garden shortly after Mother’s Day–and maybe you did. If you’re seeing growth, great. But if you’re still waiting and starting to wonder if you should even bother, don’t give up! Given the continued cool weather, our soil temperature is just starting to warm up to the point of encouraging seed growth and development. So even if you have to plant your garden the first of June–nearly a month behind a “normal” schedule–you won’t be behind. In fact, a garden planted later (but when the soil temperature is warmer) will likely outperform one planted during earlier, cool weather.

If you’ve been wondering if this is a shaping up to be a “why bother” year, don’t give up hope. We’re fully stocked with vegetable starts and seeds, so check out what we have in store for your garden today!