Yesterday I had a customer in who has discovered the difference that good fertilizer can make for her flowers each summer–she uses Jack’s Classic. When I saw her grab a couple of tubs of fertilizer off the shelf and set them on the counter, I was curious what sort of plants she was feeding this time of year (since Jack’s also works great on houseplants–my African violets can testify to that!).

“Oh, this isn’t for me; it’s for my son,” she explained. Her adult son had admired her flowers this summer and marveled at how she could get them to look so lush and full of color. Knowing he was impressed, she decided that Jack’s Classic would make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas.

Now, think about it–if you’ve used Jack’s, you know how great a product it is. Wouldn’t someone you love enjoy a gift this Christmas that they’ll actually use? Jack’s fertilizers aren’t exactly glamorous…but who needs 7 tape measures laying around the house or that extra bag of Christmas candy that they’ve probably eaten too much of anyway?

This Christmas, check out our selection of gift ideas for the gardeners in your family–and be sure to grab a tub or two of Jack’s Classic for their stockings. Come summer, that not-so-glamorous gift will start to show what it’s really made of!