Quite often in December, we hear comments from customers to the effect of “well, I bet you’re looking forward to having nothing to do next month” or, “you probably just take January off, right?” Well, nothing could be further from the truth–January is busy! In fact, this year it’s been especially busy.

Property in need of some serious TLC

In mid-December, Vander Giessen Nursery more than doubled in size with the purchase of property adjacent to its existing location across Hawley Street. Many people know the property as the former Standard Oil or Price Brothers location. In fact, many Lyndenites may recognize the old horse barn that housed the horses used to pull a fuel wagon in the event the delivery trucks were able to get out–no doubt this property has some great history!

While the acquisition of this property will not immediately bring major changes to Vander Giessen’s, it does offer us much more space in which to expand. Currently, we’re building another greenhouse on the site to accommodate growing demand for our beautiful Lynden Baskets–this greenhouse will allow us to expand to growing over 1000 baskets each year.

A new greenhouse is quickly taking shape!

Additionally with the new property, we plan to expand our offerings of shrubs, trees and perennials–and grow many more of the items we sell on-site. By growing more of our own plants, we’ll be better able to respond to your needs and ensure even higher plant quality.

Another change you can expect to see at Vander Giessen’s is more selection of bulk products. While we currently carry bark, compost and topsoil, we’re looking forward to expanding the variety of products we offer.

Truly, we’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to expand the size of the nursery this winter. It’s a joy to have such great support from our customers and community and we look forward to using this expansion to better serve our community.