Bring on spring! While the official change of season may be more than a month away yet–and don’t get me wrong, we still could get a winter blast–now is a great time to get started with yard clean-up and early spring maintenance.

To serve you better, we’re now back to our normal hours of Monday-Saturday 9:00-5:00. Currently, we’re stocked with pansies and primroses, bulk and bagged topsoil, compost and bark mulch and our selection of roses will soon be available. In the next couple of weeks, our selection of shrubs and trees will arrive, too!

If you’re battling moss in your lawn–and just trust me on this one, you are–please stop by to pick up a bag of ferrous sulfate and a couple bags of Super Sweet lime to knock it out and keep it from coming back. This winter has been a bad one again for battling moss, so get an early start on the battle and keep a step ahead so you can enjoy your lawn.