Last summer I published a blog post about water-soluble fertilizers versus slow-release options and which type would work best for your plants. I spent a fair amount of page space writing about care for your annuals and hanging baskets–but what about the shrubs and trees in your yard?

The truth is, most plants–especially flowering types–will benefit from regular (even if only once a year) feeding to keep them looking their best and stay healthy. But certain plants will benefit more from specific fertilizers.

A great all-purpose fertilizer for the shrubs around your yard is Jack’s ClassiCote. Like I wrote last year, you’re probably familiar with Osmocote–it’s a fine option. But like the Jack’s Classic water-soluble fertilizers, ClassiCote is simply better. If you’re looking for one fertilizer to use on everything, you’ll love the ease and quality ClassiCote provides.

Around northwest Washington, you’ll find a lot of rhododendrons. It is, after all, the state flower. Likewise, you’ll also find plenty of azaleas. Both of these plants like acidic soils–which we have plenty of in our part of the country. (As a side note, don’t ever bother with a pH test of the soil in your yard if you’re curious–it is acidic.) But, these plants need a special fertilizer for acid-loving plants, so treat them right. We recommend Lily Miller Rhododendron, Azalea & Evergreen food for anything you have that’s acid-loving, including many of the evergreens in your yard.

For roses, feeding is easier than ever–I’ve written another blog post explaining proper rose feeding, so don’t miss it!

Your hydrangeas can thrive!

Hydrangeas are another shrub that I often get customers asking about. As I mentioned, our soils around northwest Washington are acidic–and that means that most of your colored hydrangeas will eventually turn blue. You can “correct” this “problem” by adding Super Sweet lime to your soil to make it more alkaline and thus turn your flowers more pink. If you enjoy blue and want to enrich the colors and make your hydraneas even more healthy, try the new Hydrangea Blue fertilizer from Jack’s Classic! This water-soluble blend is easy to use and will give you beautiful, rich blue flowers  to enjoy this summer.

Finally, if you have tree or shrubs that are susceptible to insects, feed them once each spring with Bayer Tree & Shrub Protect & Feed. This liquid systemic provides a full year of insect protection as well as slow-release fertilizer to encourage healthy growth. As far as tree care goes, it’s as easy as they come!

For more information on care for specific plants in your yard, stop in at Vander Giessen Nursery and check out the products I’ve mentioned. We’re happy to help you choose the right fertilizer for the job!