Have you seen the price of blueberries in the stores? Even during the summer when we can get them fresh from the local farms, they’re not the cheapest food to buy. Why not grow your own?

While some fruits may be more hassle to grow than you care to deal with, blueberries are incredibly easy to grow in your yard–and beside the great fruit they offer in summer, they’re a great landscaping shrub.

Right now, many of our blueberry bushes are loaded with fruit starting to ripen. For the price of a basket of berries in the store, you can take home a whole shrub that will give you loads of berries for decades to come!

Also, all of our edibles–berries, grapes, fruit trees, rhubarb and herbs–are currently on sale (Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!), so you can get blueberry bushes for your yard at an even greater price than normal.

Take advantage of the great fruit and seasonal interest that blueberry bushes can provide for your yard today–you’ll love picking your own fresh berries in summer and be thrilled with the fall color and winter interest the shrubs provide as well.