Each year at the nursery we take questions from customers asking what type of soil we have–is it acidic, neutral or basic? Some people even go to the work of buying a pH test to determine for themselves just how acidic or basic their soil is. Frankly, though, that’s a waste of money. Why?

Our soil in the Northwest is notoriously acidic. Period.

If you live in Western Washington, your soil is quite acidic. So much so, in fact, that the fertilizer you spread on your lawn faithfully each year won’t even work properly. You may have experienced it–you fertilize religiously, only to find that your lawn loses its deep green color quickly or never gets there at all. Furthermore, you continue to battle stubborn, thick moss, especially in shady areas. With such conditions, you’re just about ready to throw in the towel on lawn care. Sound familiar?

Although there are several factors that may contribute to the situation you face, your battles would be greatly lessened with faithful application of lime on your yard. Not only is it great for helping stifle moss growth, it allows the nitrogen in your lawn fertilizer to work properly. So before you grumble about having to spend more to keep your lawn healthy, add up the extra money you’ve spent on fertilizer and moss killers that haven’t really worked–chances are, with a twice-a-year application of lime, you’ll save money.

Now, there are lots of lime products out there, but only one that we really love–Lilly Miller Super Sweet. Dolomite lime is okay, but not nearly as fast-acting. Honestly, it can take over a year to break down, and who has that kind of patience anymore? Super Sweet breaks down in just a couple of weeks, so no waiting.

Apply Super Sweet now–during the month of October–and follow up with your regular winterizing fertilizer for your lawn in early November. If you currently have moss in your lawn, kill it with ferrous sulfate a week or two before or after you spread Super Sweet (just not at the same time). Taking these steps now will give you a much healthier, greener lawn come spring and ultimately will save you money!