One of our famous ‘Lynden Baskets’ on 10/20/12

You’ll have to forgive us just this once for bragging. This picture was taken today–October 20. Our Lynden Baskets still look pretty good!

With a good start and proper care, your hanging baskets can look like ours. Each spring, we plant up over 1000 of our own Lynden Baskets in dozens of beautiful color combinations. You’re welcome to stop in anytime after mid-April to pick out just the right baskets for your home and we’ll take care of them until the week of Mother’s Day, at which point they’ll be ready to go outside.

Now, aside from starting with better quality plants than you’ll find at the hardware and grocery stores, the secret to having baskets look this great this late in the season is simple: food and water. We water our hanging baskets faithfully through the summer–that’s daily. This time of year we slow down to 3-4 times a week.

In addition to water, however, you must fertilize, and we can enthusiastically recommend Jack’s Classic–it’s simply the best. We use it in our greenhouses, for our own flowers planted around the nursery and at our homes; it’s absolutely amazing. You can use other fertilizers like Miracle-Gro, but you won’t get the same results. Jack’s Classic is available at Vander Giessen’s–and we know you’ll love it!

So, as the season winds down, we’re pretty proud of our hanging baskets. Next spring, stop in and pick up some Lynden Baskets for yourself, and when you’re looking at beautiful flowers yet in mid-October, you can brag to your friends, too.