The month of August brings on feelings of change–while there’s still plenty of summer weather left in the year, later this month will be back-to-school time, and with it, the shift in gardening to autumn.

One of the best flowers for late-summer and early-fall color is echinacea, known more commonly as the coneflower. Once a humble perennial available only in purple or pink, echinacea has come a long way in recent years. Today, the species includes dozens of unique varieties, and at Vander Giessen’s, we have 10 of the best, most popular colors in stock!

From shades of bright red, yellow and orange to dwarf varieties with compact, dense growth to varieties with double blooms, we have a coneflower for just about any taste.

Coneflowers are best grown in a sunny, warm location with well-drained soil. Many varieties make great potted plants, so even if you don’t have a spot in a flowerbed–or your soil is too wet–you can grow echinacea. Check out the great selection we have today!