After yet another mild winter and warm start to the spring, one thing is sure: bugs will be a problem in your garden again this year. As you tend to your plants, keep a close eye out for any deformed new foliage or damage to your plants caused by aphids or other damaging insects.

Sprays and systemic insect control products are effective methods for dealing with garden pests, but maybe you’re growing organic this year–and you’re not alone! Many gardeners are looking for natural alternatives to harmful pesticides in their gardens.

At Vander Giessen Nursery, we’ve just received a delivery of ladybugs and beneficial nematodes for use in your garden. Did you know that ladybugs can eat 50 aphids in a day? And that’s not all they’ll eat–they take care of mealybugs, scale, leafhoppers, worms and other bugs as well! Simply set an open container of ladybugs out in your garden in the evening and let them go to work!

If you’re looking for control of root weevils, cutworms, Japanese beetles or other soil-dwelling insects, beneficial nematodes are a great option as well. These microscopic organisms will kill over 200 different insects, all while being entirely safe for your plants and family. Each container of beneficial nematodes we sell contains seven million nematodes.

Our supply of beneficial insects is limited, so stop in soon to get your ladybugs or nematodes. Happy gardening!