This is the fourth installment in a five-week series of short articles designed to help you bring year-round color to your yard. Planning a landscape can be a daunting task–we hope that this series can help offer some suggestions for planning your yard. Check our blog weekly for the latest installment–and enjoy!  

Winter–that wonderful time of year when you can put away your hoe, rake and garden gloves and kick up your feet indoors. No mowing to worry about, no weeds to pull…and often, nothing to admire out your window. It’s sad, really, that some people forget to plan for winter color–after all, with short days, long nights and an abundance of rain, it’s the time when you could use the most help to stave off depression!

‘Sango Kaku’ Coral Bark Japanese Maple

Admittedly, there aren’t a lot of options for winter color in your yard–not compared with spring or summer. But there still is plenty you can do to make the winter season interesting in your flowerbeds. Here are a few plants I’ve chosen for my yard that do just that: