This is the final installment in a five-week series of short articles designed to help you bring year-round color to your yard. Planning a landscape can be a daunting task–we hope that this series can help offer some suggestions for planning your yard. Check out our blog for the previous four installments–enjoy!

Over the last month, we’ve covered all four seasons with ideas to provide color and interest in your garden. Hopefully you’ve gleaned a few ideas that can help with planning your yard to extend color beyond just spring and summer.

‘Rheingold’ Cedar

Often, evergreens are thought of as drab, boring shrubs, and sadly, given the settings many people see them in, I understand that sentiment. Like the story I told in the first installment of this series, some people tend to swing too far in the opposite direction of the lady my wife and I bought our house from–they go to all evergreens, and all plain old green ones at that. But here are a few options that I’ve chosen for my yard to add interest and structure: