First off, let me be completely clear: I don’t get paid to say this. Period. No kickbacks for promoting the product, no special deals from my supplier if I say good things about it. Like anything we carry at Vander Giessen’s, we use it ourselves at home and truly believe in it. If we don’t, we don’t carry it.

So, you’d like to grow roses, but who has the time to take care of them? I mean, fertilizing, spraying for bugs, spraying for diseases…it’s tiring even thinking about all the steps needed to keep your plants healthy and blooming. If only there was a better way!

Actually, there is.

Really! About 7 years ago, we discovered a (then) new product from Bayer–the makers of the aspirin in your medicine cabinet–called All-in-One Rose & Flower Care. It claimed to do just as the title suggested: everything in one step. Fertilizing? Check. Bug control? Check. Disease prevention? Check. And because it was a liquid systemic, it meant you could just mix it up and water it in–no more spraying!

It sounded too good to be true, but I can assure you it’s not. This stuff really works. Apply it three or four times during a typical growing season and you’ll have the healthiest, best-blooming roses you’ve ever seen. Every customer I have who’s switched from the older, more time-consuming methods to All-in-One loves it–not one has reported back to me that it didn’t work as well as whatever they’d been using.

If you’d like to grow roses for yourself but want rose care made easy, check out Bayer All-in-One Rose & Flower care at Vander Giessen’s. We’re happy to help explain how to use it (it’s really quite easy) and how much you’ll need for your rose garden. And if you’ve given up on roses, just ask a friend who uses All-in-One on their plants–they’ll tell you how great it is and just maybe give you reason to try again.