When a new product comes out, marketers work hard to promote the great aspects that make it “must-have.” Whether it’s a new car, the latest iPhone or the next great style in clothing, it often takes some time before we know whether it’s just hype or really a product worth having.

The same rings true in the plant world–while most new plants do usually live up to the marketing hype (after all, they’re usually grown for years in commercial settings before coming out in garden centers), occasionally we find plants that are all talk and ultimately, have little to show for it.

Not so with ‘Pink Lemonade’ blueberry! About two years ago, this revolutionary pink blueberry (should we call it a pinkberry?) hit the market and customers snatched them up, excited to enjoy rose-hued berries from their garden each summer. Like other blueberries, however, ‘Pink Lemonade’ takes a couple of years to mature and start berry production. So, we waited.

Last summer, I got a few berries off my bush, but because I had recently transplanted it, the few berries I watched start to ripen dropped off the bush before they turned very pink. This summer, however, has been different. As you can see in the picture, these berries have a beautiful bright pink color. In taste, they’re slightly sweeter than your standard blueberry, making them a great addition to a fruit salad or topping for yogurt or waffles.

It’s taken a couple years of patience, but I’m loving my ‘Pink Lemonade’ blueberries! Planted alone or with other varieties, it’s a great landscaping shrub, and the fruit it produces is sweet, firm and beautiful. If you’re looking for a unique plant you can enjoy in your yard–and wouldn’t mind something tasty!–I can highly recommend ‘Pink Lemonade.’ Pick one up at Vander Giessen’s today!