Yesterday a customer sampled some fresh cilantro as she purchased an herb starter plant–she was amazed
at how much better it tasted than store-bought cilantro. Whether you’ve never grown a vegetable garden or are a veteran gardener, at Vander Giessen’s we’re here to help you out with growing your own food and discover the difference that fresh truly makes.

Through spring we’re fully stocked with vegetable starts, seeds and herb starts for your garden. Don’t have space for a garden? No problem! Have you checked out the EarthBox? If you’ve never grown your own garden, the EarthBox may be just the place to start–it allows you to easily grow everything from carrots to corn (I use mine for tomatoes) on your patio, deck, or any other sunny spot around your house. Check out the EarthBox and EarthBox Junior (great for smaller veggies and herbs) at the nursery to learn more.

At Vander Giessen’s you’ll also find all of the organic fertilizer, insect dust, gloves, compost and accessories like tomato cages and hand tools you’ll need for a successful garden this year. We’ve been growing gardens ourselves for years; let us help you get started with your own this spring!