Superbells ‘Blackberry Punch’

They’re the Thanksgiving turkey of Mother’s Day—flowers. Whether you’re getting started with planting
flowers for yourself or plan to give them as a gift for Mother’s Day (which, men, is this coming weekend!), it’s time to get underway with gardening. As you get started with planting flowers or setting out planters and hanging baskets, here are a few tips and great new plants to keep in mind.

When planting, ensure you give your annuals a good start by investing in a high-quality soil like Black Gold Natural & Organic potting mix. Peat-based soils like Black Gold will stay light and loose through the season, allowing for the roots of your plants to develop properly. Mixes like Miracle-Gro soil tend to have more compost and bark which pack down with watering, stifling root development and causing your plants to suffer. 
Additionally, don’t bother with a potting soil that claims to control