Senetti ‘Baby Blue Bicolor’ available at Vander Giessen’s!

With spring officially underway, if you’re like me you’re probably beginning to get “the itch”for planting. For many of us, it’s just a natural instinct, and as grass starts to grow, flowers burst into bloom and the days get sunnier and warmer, you’re probably eager for at least some aspect of gardening. So, where to begin?

First, if you’re a vegetable gardener, it’s time to get working in your garden. Whether you grow vegetables or herbs in pots on a deck, raised beds alongside your garage or in a vast backyard garden, now is the time to get started with soil preparation and planting. 
Before you begin with any planting, be sure to amend your soil with a fresh layer of compost. Most edibles are good eaters themselves and require nutrient-rich soil to produce an abundant crop. For larger gardens, spread an inch or two of mushroom compost—available in bulk at Vander Gi