As anyone who follows our regular updates–or shops at our nursery–knows, we’re sold on Jack’s Classic water-soluble fertilizer for making your annuals and hanging baskets thrive. And a lot of our customers have listened to our advice, with spectacular results. Now, here’s a quick quiz: what’s the best type of Jack’s to feed your pansies?

For your outdoor gardening needs, Jack’s Classic comes in three main blends: All Purpose, Blossom Booster and Petunia Feed. Each serves a slightly different purpose, and all are excellent blends. For your pansies, though, one blend in particular will keep your plants healthy, well-branched and blooming consistently. Need a hint? It’s the fertilizer with extra iron.

Okay, time’s up. Which Jack’s is best for pansies? Petunia Feed. Like petunias, pansies require extra iron to keep their best form and color, and Petunia Feed fills just that need. So next time you’re ready to feed your pansies, pull that tub of Jack’s Petunia Feed off the shelf–or stop by the nursery to pick one up if you’re all out–and see how your pansies thank you!