One of the most rewarding and easy-to-grow flowering plants in your yard, hydrangeas are incredibly popular for good reason! With a wide variety of shapes, sizes, sun or shade requirements, and colors, hydrangeas are a must-have for summer color in your garden.

At Vander Giessen Nursery, we grow and sell a broad selection of hydrangeas, from dwarfs that top out at just 1-2 feet tall all the up to the full size varieties that grow to be 6-8 feet in height. Many of our varieties are adaptable from full sun to mostly shade, so they’ll work just about anywhere in your garden. Additionally, many of our current selections bloom on new wood, meaning they’re not fussy about what time of year you choose to prune them, spring or fall. Simply prune them when you’re in the mood, and they’ll reward  you with beautiful blooms!

Our selection of hydrangeas is continually changing, but in summer 2019 included the following:

Bigleaf Hydrangeas

  • Hydrangea mac. Cityline Paris
  • Hydrangea mac. Cityline Rio
  • Hydrangea mac. Everlasting Amethyst
  • Hydrangea mac. Everlasting Revolution
  • Hydrangea mac. Glowing Embers
  • Hydrangea mac. LA Dreamin’
  • Hydrangea mac. Let’s Dance Blue Jangles
  • Hydrangea mac. Let’s Dance Diva
  • Hydrangea mac. Let’s Dance Rave
  • Hydrangea mac. Love
  • Hydrangea mac. Miss Saori
  • Hydrangea mac. Nikko Blue
  • Hydrangea mac. Red Sensation
  • Hydrangea mac. Tilt-a-Swirl
  • Hydrangea mac. Wedding Gown

Mountain Hydrangeas

  • Hydrangea serrata Tuff Stuff

Panicle Hydrangeas

  • Hydrangea pan. Bobo
  • Hydrangea pan. Bombshell
  • Hydrangea pan. Fire Light
  • Hydrangea pan. Little Lime
  • Hydrangea pan. Limelight
  • Hydrangea pan. Little Quick Fire
  • Hydrangea pan. Moonrock
  • Hydrangea pan. Pinky Winky
  • Hydrangea pan. Vanilla Strawberry

Smooth (Annabelle) Hydrangeas

  • Hydrangea arb. Annabelle
  • Hydrangea arb. Incrediball
  • Hydrangea arb. Invincibelle Wee White
  • Hydrangea arb. Lime Rickey
  • Hydrangea arb. Mini Mauvette

Oakleaf Hydrangeas

  • Hydrangea quer. Ruby Slippers