After a beautiful summer and a sunny, warm start to autumn, it’s that time again–with the rain falling and temperatures dropping, autumn is truly here. Yesterday, I read that the road to Artist Point has been closed for the season, and with that closure, we can say goodbye to summer and hello to a new season.

This time of year, I often hear customers say, “Is it too late to plant?” Time and again, I have to explain that fall is really the best time of year to plant almost anything! Shrubs, trees, perennials, fall annuals–this is a great time of year to plant. Yes, the conventional wisdom says that spring is the best time of year to plant–that’s when everything is starting to grow, so it must be a good time to plant–but when you think about it, autumn is really easier on your new plantings.

In early autumn, many plants begin to go dormant, redirecting energy from foliage to roots. Transplanting during this period allows your plants to focus on spreading their roots before winter without having to also direct energy to new leaves, branches or flowers.

This time of year we also get more regular rains, which will help you in the event you forget to water your new plantings. Furthermore, temperatures are cooler, which is helpful in preserving moisture in the soil and lowering stress on plants.

As we begin the transition to autumn, take a walk through your yard to see what plants you could use in your garden. Remember, fall is a great season to plant, and with our fall clearance sale in full swing, you won’t find a better reason to start planting today!