Have a look at this picture. When do you suppose it was taken? July? August? September?

Have your final answer? Okay, try this–I took this picture this morning. That’s right, November 5. This basket has been in bloom for almost 6 months!

Now, here’s why I bring this up today: many people buy their hanging baskets from the hardware or grocery store, and while they may look nice at first, by the end of August (or earlier!) they’re finished and need to be dumped. Vander Giessen Lynden Baskets, however, will give you months more color! We carefully select the plants, potting mix, fertilizer–even the basket itself–to give the most blooms and the longest life to each and every hanging basket.

If you’re tired of throwing your money away on hanging baskets that only last a couple months, make a note to choose Vander Giessen Lynden Baskets next season! Available in a variety of colors and plant combinations, we can advise you on the best baskets for your location, as well as the care you’ll want to give them to keep them looking great all season long. Choose the best. Choose Vander Giessen.