I think bears got it right when they first decided to start hibernating. I mean, they spend their whole life traipsing through the woods eating berries and chasing the occasional hiker who happens to cross their path, so it seems like a great idea to just take a few months off during the quiet, cold winter season to hibernate…doesn’t it?

Well, we haven’t exactly been hibernating around here at Vander Giessen’s, but if you’ve called or stopped by–or just checked out our website–in the last month and a half, you may have noticed we were operating with more restricted hours. Not that we’ve had any shortage of work to do–quite the contrary!–but when spring and summer have us working longer hours, it’s a nice breather to be able to cut back a bit during the quietest time of the year and spend a little more time with our families.

Now, as we gear up for another great gardening year, we’re pleased to announce that we’re back to our normal operating hours: Monday-Saturday 9:00-5:00. Things are starting to get busy–we’re stocked with primroses, pottery, fountains and a great selection of lawn and garden products. Perennials are planted and starting to take root, our roses will arrive this week and we’ll also be expecting our first major shipments of annuals to come–that’s over 12,000 flowers!

If you’re as excited as us for spring to arrive, we invite you to stop in anytime at Vander Giessen’s to browse what’s available, what’s growing and find out what’s coming soon (shrubs will be here in just 2 weeks!). It’s an exciting time of year, and we look forward to sharing it with you. Happy gardening!