It’s not a season many people automatically think of when it comes to gardening, but did you know that autumn is really a great time to plant? It’s true—and for a variety of reasons, it may well be the best time of year for you to get out in your yard. So how can you make the most of what the season has to offer and enjoy gardening success?
For starters, autumn in the Northwest gives us one great advantage when it comes to planting: free water! If you’ve lived here very long, you know that sunny September days all too quickly fade into October rain. As a gardener, use it to your advantage! Plant now and you’ve only got a month of watering before you can let the rain take over. Add to that cooler, shorter days and even during dry weather your watering will be minimal. 
With autumn approaching, transplanting shrubs and trees into your yard is also easier in terms of transplant stress. With our mild weather, we can plant just about year-round but the times when plants will expe