With the warm weather of the last couple of weeks and the dry conditions we’ve experienced this summer, your flowers may be starting to look a little worn and it might be time to start thinking about freshening your pots up for a new season. Autumn isn’t far away, and now is the perfect time to begin planting winter pansies for color through fall and again next spring.

At Vander Giessen Nursery, we have a great selection of winter pansies beginning to bloom, and they’re ready to find a home in your yard or patio pots. At just $1.29 each or 99 cents apiece when you buy 18 or more, they’re hands-down the most color you’ll get for the money of any flower you could buy!

While you’re in, be sure to pick up a tub of Jack’s Classic Petunia Feed to keep your pansies healthy and blooming all season long. Like petunias, pansies need a plant food that can provide an extra dose of iron, and Jack’s Petunia Feed is the perfect fertilizer to do just that.