Lynden baskets

Pre-order Your Lynden Baskets Now

Here at Vander Giessen Nursery, we take pride in the beautiful, unique hanging baskets we grow in our greenhouses each year. With dozens of different color combinations available, we have a hanging basket for just about any taste. If you're looking for the perfect Lynden Basket to give your mom--or yourself!--this spring, we're busy taking pre-orders for this year. Whether you're looking for a specific color combination or just [...]

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Fresh Crop of Lynden Baskets

At Vander Giessen's, we grow all of our own annuals and hanging baskets--doing so allows us complete control over the colors, types of plants used and most importantly, the quality of the end product. We take pride in our lush, healthy baskets, and if the feedback we get from our customers is any indication, the difference in quality is obvious to more than just us! With summer starting officially in [...]